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Link nie działa/spam ? Fast and stable proxy gateway

Szybka i stabilna bramka proxy.
Fast and stable proxy gateway.

Remove client-side scripting (i. e JavaScript)
Allow cookies to be stored
Show images on browsed pages
Use base64 encodng on the address
Strip meta information tags from pages
Include a mini-URL forum on every HTTP page

- Much less time waiting to load a web page (since it is located close to pull the server on a network w3cache, which usually uses a fast high-bandwidth connections).
- Proxy-Server has better links than the direct use of the target server - if it is free.
- Reducing the flow of data on long distances (weaker relief internet connections).
- If someone in front of us received a page, or other resources through the proxy-server, then your computer will download it from the proxy immediately.
- Hiding your IP address on which we work

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